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List of Little Press

An internet listing opportunity open to little presses of the U.K., free of charge.
Inaugurated by Bill Griffiths, Bob Trubshaw, and Peter Finch, in March 2000.
Last updated 17th July 2016.

Please note that this site is no longer actively maintained as of July 2016. Much of the information here may be out of date: please contact individual presses to make sure of prices and availability before ordering books.


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Aaaargh! Press [new listing]
publishing ebooks and paperbacks of essays, poetry and short stories

Aark Arts
poetry international

Abercromby Anthologies
Merseyside anthologies

Aesthetica Magazine
literary and arts magazine

The Agathopolis Company [new listing]
publishing poetry and plays

Amra Imprint
Poetry, local history, Old English... plus websites

Arc Publications
specialises in the publication of contemporary poetry

Anglo-Saxon Books
aspects of early English history, language and culture

Arago Press
Artists' Books and Private Press books

a new Cambridge press, publishing poetry pamphlets

Arrowhead Press
books and booklets of poetry

Aurelius Books
historical novels

Author Publishing Ltd
new prose and verse, online guides for writers

Awen Publications [new listing]
publishers of fiction, poetry & creative non-fiction

Bad Press
prose, poetry, criticism

Barque Press
poetry and essays

BeWrite Books [new listing]
independent publisher of fiction
and poetry books and ebooks

Bellasis Press
Sheffield-based literature and local history

Joseph Biddulph, Publisher
specialist in exotic languages and local history

Blackbird Digital Books [new listing]
publishing digital original eBooks and POD paperbacks

Blackheath Books
independent poetry publisher - celebrating the ordinary

Blue Orange Publishing
literary and dissonant whistle-blowing. mystery made new for new readers

Cherry On The Top Press
artists books and small run pamphlets of innovative writing

Cinnamon Press [new listing]
fiction, poetry & non fiction books from Wales, the UK and the world

dark age press [new listing]
new poetry publisher

Dead Seagull
Brighton Artists & Writers Guild

Dissident Editions
poems to combat normality

Dragonheart Press
publishers of 'Living Poets' since 1985, online since 1995

Dreadful Work Press
poetry "at the centre of things"

Driftwood Publications
poetry around Merseyside

Durham & Tyneside Dialect Group
newsletter and booklets

Elastic Press
publishing at the edges of reality and fantasy

etruscan books
modern poetry in art quality editions

Festival Books
poetry and prose in Essex

Fleeting Magazine [new listing]
publishing exclusive short stories and poetry by new and established writers

Fuselit Magazine [new listing]
a thrice-yearly handmade selection of poetry, prose, artwork and music

Grasp Press [new listing]
printing contemporary poetry in limited-run, hand-cut editions

Grey Hen Press
Grey Hen publishes poetry and other work by older women

a poetry chapbook imprint

Hastings Press
local books; women's interest

Hearing Eye
small independent poetry press based in north London

Heart of Albion Press
publishes Leicestershire local history, Old English literature,
mythology, archaeology and much else

Home'Baked Books
small press run by Michael Weller

Honest Publishing [new listing]
a press dedicated to publishing voices neglected by the mainstream

Welsh women's press - Gwasg Menywod Cymru

if p then q [new listing]
Publishing books and magazines of experimental poetry

IndieReview [new listing]
UK Independent & Small Press Comic / Manga News, Reviews & Articles Community

Inkermen Press
Specializing in works of supernatural and alternative fiction, plays and poems.

Invisible Books
advanced poetry and anthologies

Iron Press
Tyneside community press

The Journal (once, 'of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry') and Original Plus books
poetry, articles, translations, reviews

down to earth and utopian poetry and prose from home and abroad - English and Latin American (bilingual texts)

poetry pamphlets that "intrigue and illuminate."

Kittiwake Editions
new publishing venture by Anglo-American poet Estill Pollock

Kropotkin's Lighthouse Publications
sheer anarchy

Leaf Books [new listing]
an independent publisher based in South Wales, publishing short fiction and poetry

Leaf Press (India) [new listing]
Leaf Press publishes books, anthologies, and text books in paperback, hard copy, digital book formats of all disciplines and fields.

Leafe Press
quality pamphlets of contemporary poetry

Legend Press [new listing]
independent book publisher, focusing primarily on mainstream literary and commercial fiction

The Linen Press
run by women, for women with something important and original to say.

Mad Jock Publishers
new UK poetry publishers

The Many Press

Mariscat Press
Scottish poetry and studies

Markings [new listing]
a Scottish magazine of contemporary writing, plus info on literary events at The Bakehouse

Matchbox Poetry
poems in matchboxes!

Meadow View Press
metabolism, diet and health

Menard Press
literature and campaigns

MIEL [new listing]
publishing poetry, short prose, and some visual art books in formats that bridge the trade edition and the artist's book

Mimesis Poetry
Norwich-based quarterly journal publishing poetry, articles and artwork

Morning Star Publications [new listing]
folios, pocketbooks and the small press series, published by Alec Finlay

Morpheus Tales [new listing]
A Magazine of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy

Mucusart Press
Poetry and short fiction

New Hope International
poetry and the world of haiku

Northern Lights
new writing from Cumbria

Northern Review (magazine)
Newcastle-based compendium of articles and reviews

Northern Sky Press
"We are based in Stirling and produce politics and poetry pamphlets"

Object Permanence
A Scottish little press publishing booklets of innovative poetry

The Oleander Press
travel and translation

The Other Press
London-based poetry

Oystercatcher Press [new listing]
publishing booklets of modern poetry

Painted, spoken
a little magazine of poetry and reviews, free for the price of posting

The Paper
magazine of new poetry in English with an emphasis on innovation and experiment

based in Manchester, printing poetry, prose and reviews

The Pearbox Press [new listing]
books by artist and illustrator Ed Boxall, and community publishing projects

Pen & Inc
publishes a literary magazine and a poetry anthology

Pendragon Press
publisher of science fiction, horror and fantasy

Pennine Pens
independent publishers based in Hebden Bridge. "Local authors - global interests"

Philistine Press [new listing]
not-for-profit publisher of ebooks and audio books, all free to download

Popshot Magazine [new listing]
poetry and illustration

Protean Publications
poetry. criticism, jazz, Aston Villa

Psychic Tymes
a new age magazine for those interested in the paranormal

Rack Press [new listing]
a poetry publisher based in Wales

Ravenhall Books
publisher on European history, focusing on the Napoleonic period

Ravenshead Publications
new initiative in Leeds

Reality Street
contemporary writing in English and translations

Ronin Press [new listing]
independent publisher of poetry and prose

Royal Piper Books
children's books from Scotland

Salt Publishing
independent literary publisher with lists in contemporary poetry, experimental fiction and drama

Saw Magazine
"poetry with an edge"

The Seer Press
contemporary Scottish poetry

seekers of lice [new listing]
artist and press based in Taunton

Selkirk Lapwing Press
poetry from both sides of Hadrian's wall

Shearsman Books
contemporary poetry books and on-line magazine

Sidekick Books [new listing]
new poetry publisher based in London

Sixties Press
Leeds-based. "Keeping the Apocalyptic flame alive"

Skysill Press [new listing]
A small press dedicated to publishing innovative poetry.

poetry books and Spanner magazine

Spectacular Diseases
international poetry

publishes poetry and literary criticism

Steadfast Books
London fiction

The Steel Philanthropist [new listing]
A magazine with a fondness for minimalism, avant garde and the experimental

Stem Recordings [new listing]
CD recordings of contemporary poetry

Story of Seaham Group
local history publications at the coast of Co.Durham

Stride Magazine
poetry and prose webzine

Stride Publications
"inhabit the divide between the avant-garde and the traditional"

The Study Press
"A growing catalogue of travel, political and literary interest"

Talus Editions
innovative literature, especially poetry; based @ King's College London

Tears in the Fence (magazine)
poetry, prose and reviews

Thoth Publications
specializing in the metaphysical

Tomatito Press [new listing]
illustrated, hand-made books

Tolling Elves
Edinburgh-based project

Torque Press [new listing]
a small press dedicated to publishing contemporary poetry

Tuba Press
publishers of 20th & 21st Century Poetry & Prose

Uproar Comics [new listing]
small press from Northern Ireland, currently publishing an Irish Zombie Apocalyptic Epic Comicbook series

Vane Women
a writers' collective from the North of England

Variant Magazine
the broader social, political and cultural magazine

Vintage Poison Press
to make peotry exciting and relevant

aspects of modern China

Welsh Art Now [new listing]
the new quarterly art magazine that discusses art with a Welsh connection.

artist's books, visual books, bookworks. Made by Helen Douglas and Telfer Stokes.

West House Books
poetry and more

White Leaf Press
White Leaf Press and White Leaf Review

Wild Leaf Press [new listing]
An Independent Small Press for Poetry and Prose

Wild Women Press
"testimony to the wild woman in all women"

The Wolf [new listing]
a magazine publishing poetry by new and established writers

yt communication [new listing]
poetry press and blog in Hackney, London: edited by Frances Kruk and Sean Bonney



Contact: Peter Manson   e-mail: llpp.mail@googlemail.com

Lollipop thanks Bob Trubshaw of Heart of Albion Press for hosting the first version of this new venture. We hope very much it will prove a useful centre for little press information, in the way printed catalogues and individual press flyers have in the past. It is always useful to encourage direct sales to the public, and this only needs clear up-to-date information and easy access to that information. The internet seems an ideal medium for lists and reference material, and it is high time little presses took full advantage of the opportunities.

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