List of Little Press Publications


Please note that this site is no longer actively maintained as of July 2016, and we are no longer able to add new presses to our listings. Much of the information here may be out of date: please contact individual presses to make sure of prices and availability before ordering books.

1. Little press implies either a one-man operation or at least a venture that does not depend on a full-time paid staff. (For little magazines, see para. 6 below.) The site is particularly intended to support presses based in the UK, but we're happy to consider requests from overseas little presses, as long as they have an easy means of taking orders from the UK. Email Peter Manson, with any questions.

2. Open specifically to little presses interested in receiving orders direct from the public.

3. Entry to the listing can be (a) by link to your existing website, (b) by sending us information to enter for you (See further under 'format'.) - initially limited to ten titles - or (c) by letting us have a brief webpage designed by you - but please e-mail or phone first to check about this.

4. Entries will be checked and up-dated continuously. Please let us know if you cease publication. Non-responding links will be removed.

5. Entries are free, but we would appreciate a link to our site from yours, if you have one.

6. Little magazines are welcome to a link to their site and/or space for a paragraph about themselves, plus details of subscription. We cannot handle full listings of contents of individual issues.