Definite Articles
paperback £14.70 including UK post
Publication date: May Day 2013

Definite Articles is a gathering of Tom Leonard's literary, political and personal prose written between 1973 and 2012. Literary criticism includes Clare, Browning, Fergusson, James Thomson, Rothenberg, Reznikoff, Williams, Raworth; with writing on Brecht and Chekhov both of whom Leonard translated. Essays also cover language and diction and culture in the UK; the public library and democracy, education and local historical knowledge. Political prose and polemic includes Nato and Western Middle East policy, Iraq, Israel-Palestine, Libya and the "Arab Spring"; the arms trade, Bahrain; UK party-wide parliamentary assault on the welfare state, corporate media "perception management" itemised through comparison. Personal prose includes reminiscence of Tom Leonard's father initially written for radio, and a series of excerpts from a journal maintained on the web over three years and titled "From a Room in Scotland."

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