The Bees of the Horizon
£9.00 pbk
48 pp 240 x 170 mm
publ May 2005.

Translations of:
Paul Valéry 'Tombs by the sea'
Louis Aragon 'Lilacs and Roses 1940'
Rene Char 'Artine', 'The She of History', etc.,
Robert Desnos 'The Night of Loveless Nights'
Michel Deguy 'Rural Remnants'.

This exquisite folio groups twelve translations from the French of Louis Aragon, Rene Char, Michel Deguy, Robert Desnos and Paul Valery.

The folio includes five prose poems by Char.

Fred Beake's translation of Desnos' long declaration of 'amour fou' of 1930, The Night of Loveless Nights, began as a study in different rhythms but became almost a new, phantasmagoric odyssey.

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