Brian Catling
A Court of Miracles  (Collected Poems)
245 x 155 mm (272pp) £16.45.

Late Harping
150 x 150 mm (64pp) is available for £9.00 (or gratis when purchasing "A Court of Miracles").

Bobby Awl , Catling's prose work is available for £11.00.

Buy all 3 titles for £22.95 including UK post:

The Collected Poems of Brian Catling, reaches back to the Albion Village Press editions edited by Iain Sinclair, through to The Tulpa Index, Thyhand and The Stumbing Block its Index. The final section of this cabinet contains uncollected works including 'The Pittancer'.

Catling has an international reputation as a performance artist, sculptor, film maker and poet.

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