304 pp 230x160 mm
publ Jan 2007
ISBN 1 901 538 57 5
£17.95 paperback:

Lettered & signed
ISBN 1 901 538 58 3
with extra material £75:

I recover my sense of London from these coded fragments in a way that considered prose pieces, fiction or essay, won't allow... I don't want to give nostalgia a good press, but unframed, uncrimped effusions call up corners of lost worlds that are still usefully remembered... If it's not lived experience, it's not in the movie. Cinema and its bastard offspring, television, is the addiction, always... They were the double lives I wanted most, film and poetry. These tight-lipped scripts are about not getting them. And about the world, its tender body, as a consolation.
Iain Sinclair.

Not even the Thousand Handed Giant could easily turn over all the poems and open half of the portals of intelligence in this book... This is the landscape of another realm. We are walking over a raw and smoking surface filled with surprises. All around are the possibilities of lost tribes bustling in the shadows. The Firewall edges towards being a world rather than paper and pages. This is a rare jewel.
Michael McClure.

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