FOIL Defining Poetry 1985-2000
publ Aug 2005
£11.50 pbk (limited quantity available)

Cased edition £20

FOIL Defining Poetry. Edited by Nicholas Johnson. This extensive anthology gathers 33 poets and prose artists whose work defines contemporary attitudes to poetics. Large, generous selections of published, scarce and new writing by a cross-cultural ray of poets...Performance art, visual writing and photo-text; lyric/ experimental poetry; poetry in Gaelic, Scots and regional idioms, clash together in this controversial, and contentious anthology. FOIL includes statements by the poets, and comprehensive bio-data. This writing, which emerged between 1985-2000, has never been gathered into an anthology before. FOIL represents a long overdue survey of a submerged high risk culture. Contributors include: Aaron Williamson, Meg Bateman, Caroline Bergvall, Drew Milne, Peter Manson, David Rees, however introduced to the soles, Tim Atkins, Brigid McLeer, Aidan Dun, Khaled Hakim, Rajiv C.Krishnan, Karlien van den Beukal, and Tertia Longmire.

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