Carlyle REEDY
EPOS, a Song for Alaric
64 pages
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Alaric Sumner was my close friend, colleague and fellow-poet, generous-spirited, contemplative, sociologically re-appraising, intelligent, witty and patient. He was an active force in the Gay Liberation Movement as early as 1972. His productions for the stage were brilliant, as had always been his dynamic, self-discovering texts.

Alaric entered my life around 1977 when he was publishing his innovative words worth magazine. We re-animated a soul to soul dialogue after about a decade of separation. By then he had become very active with his own exciting creations, yet he took much time and put great effort into making certain that more people would come to know my work in art, theatre and poetry. He conducted discerning interviews with me, filmed my hands at work and published articles on my work.

EPOS, a Song For Alaric is a result of his death on March 24th 2000. Because he died very suddenly my side of our dialogue continued. I needed a language for speaking into absence. The creation of the "Song" is made with mobile components representing incidents, ideas and topics within a luminosity and shadings. I hope I have done justice to my friend, and resonated my sense of humour with his, wherever he is among the atoms on Porthmeor Beach.

Carlyle Reedy, September 2012

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