Nicholas JOHNSON
Listening to the Stones
£13.45 pbk + DVD
128 pp 245 x 155 mm
publ April 2010.

New Caledonia is a French territory in the Pacific. In the 1980s the indigenous Melanesians sought independence. This work documents superstition, colonialism, and Chirac-sanctioned execution.

This book also comprises Her Gentle Slab: Selected Poems 1997-2009 and M.C. a long poem.

The DVD comprises The Lard Book by Catling and Simblett and 2 film poems by Rebecca E. Marshall. The Lard Book is a gargantuan visual book on tracing paper in a silver case. This was occasioned by the upside-down handwriting of clairvoyant NY poet Hannah Weiner and the BSE crisis of '96.

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