£11.00 paperback
publ Aug 2005

Limited cased, edition, with additional
holographic material, signed, lettered A-Z (out of print)

"The three long poems, 'Sirens', 'Circe', and 'Calypso', included in this book, are all part of the same cycle of songs. Each poem took longer to write than the adventures described."
Begun in the '60s, a piece of 'Circe' appeared in Poetry Chicago and the complete poem was published by Fulcrum Press in 1969. An early unfinished version of 'Calypso' was included in a Christmas supplement of the Poetry Book Society in 1976. Over the years Stuart Montgomery continued working on the poem which is now published for the first time as a complete poem. 'Sirens' was also written over many years. It was completed in the summer of 2004 and makes its first appearance in this book.

"These poems, sensuous and crafted sing of the sea. They are chiseled into shape and swell with echoes like a conch shell held to the ear telling the ancient story"
       -- Tom Pickard.

"Stuart Montgomery's singularity is that there seems to have been an uncannily clear and intense perception, formed early and in part practiced even before the setting-up of Fulcrum Press. This conviction, arrived at then with no need for polemic, has survived the passage of decades without signs of any impulse to modify or trim. The later verse moves at the same quiet vigilant pace as the earlier and the voice is unaltered. This is an unusually assured, aware and compact work."
       -- Roy Fisher.

Cover image: Patrick Caulfield

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