And Suddenly, Supposing
£14.00 paperback
192 pp 245x175 mm
publ Oct 1999.

Cased & lettered edition with additional holographic material (out of print).

With an afterword by Lee Harwood.

Selections from long out-of-print small press editions are published alongside previously uncollected pieces. Some new poems & the prose work 'La Pitié-Salpetrière' are published for the first time.

"The lights of life glisten through these poems like butter on bread, words darting to their novel trysts.
Read one every day: it will do you good." (J.H.Prynne)

"A pioneer in her generation, writing with a ferocity & devotion to uncertainty that gives her poems their torch-in-the-dark glow." (Fanny Howe)

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