176 pp 260 x 160 mm
publ Mar 1999.
cover &plate by James Ravillous
paperback £10.00:

Poems, Fragments & Revue Sketches 1929-1993
96 pp 250 x 175 mm
publ April 2004.
edited by Nicholas Johnson
paperback £11.00:

Special offer: both volumes in paperback (The Collected Poems of Seán Rafferty) for £15.95:

Cased, lettered edition of Poems, signed by James Ravilious available at £45:

Cased edition of Poems, Fragments & Review Sketches available at £15:

The poems of Seán Rafferty, indifferent to fashion & almost if not completely unrecognised during his lifetime, have the distinction of being increasingly appreciated as among the most enduring written during the middle years of the twentieth century.
Gael Turnbull.

The 2 etruscan volumes of Rafferty are being repromoted, to mark the centenary of his birth, in Scotland in 1909. Seán Rafferty's poetry had long been admired by writers as diverse as Sorley MacLean, Harold Pinter, Hamish Henderson, Hugh MacDiarmid and Ted Hughes.

Whaur's Isadora Duncan dancin noo?
Whaur's Mary Garden aince was Melisande?
Damned if I know but is the old man fou
and has he still the thistle in his hand?

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