Carlyle REEDY
EPOS: Selected Poems
£17.50 pbk
publ Summer 2012

Free copy of etruscan reader iv (Maurice Scully, Bob Cobbing, Carlyle Reedy) sent with every order for EPOS.

"Carlyle Reedy's poems are always filled with unpredictable surprises. You don't know what will happen next. There is such a mix and range in her work with each of her books being very individual. The bareness and carefulness of Obituaries & Celebrations, akin to Larry Eigner. The looseness of a journal in The Orange Notebook. The shocking history spliced into the long poem 'The Slave Ship'. The rich density of poems such as 'The Doll Museum'. What is constant though is that amongst them all, the real flashes of insight, the sculpted language, there is a magic. The poems are like spells. There are "things" one can't fully understand, can't explain, but somehow trusts. I've always found this with Carlyle Reedy's poems I trust her, I trust them."

Lee Harwood

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