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Publications include:

Martin Newell  THE ILLEGIBLE BACHELOR  £6.95
"...Well, it's never a dull moment with 'the alien' as he's affectionately known in Sensible Mansions." Cptn Sensible

This is his fourth volume of poems, which travels in memory from Shetland to Corunna, from Tokyo to his own birthplace.

Bernard Scudder  COMPOSURES  £6.95
The poems... are attempts to capture past or passing moments in the volatile and ambiguous medium or words.

Matthías Johannessen and Kristján Karlsson  VOICES FROM ACROSS THE WATER  £7.95
This collection features previously unpublished English translations of recent work by Joannessen, and original English poems by Karlsson - two of the most accomplished and respected poets in Iceland today.

John Muckle  CYCLOMOTORS  £7.95
...a tissue of stories woven around a boy's scrapbook found amongst the rubble of a demolished block of flats.

N.S.Thompson  THE HOME FRONT  6.95
...his first collection of verse... can be seen as a collection of cautionary tales.

Martin Newell and James Dodds  WILD MAN OF WIVENHOE  £6.95
published by Festival Books and Jardine Press