List of Little Press Publications


Entries can be received in three formats:

1. as an url; we will place a link from our site to yours, to refer readers direct to your own listing.
2. as information, for us to type, format or enter from printed page, floppy disk or e-mail. (If as a file please use Microsoft Word for Windows.) Initially we are setting a limit of 10 titles per press - but we will hope to increase this 'quota' later. Essential data are author, title, and price, but a brief description for each item (up to 20 words) can also be included. Feel free to mention any catalogue you have available or relevant sites on the internet.
3. a small amount of visual material or logo can now be included; send as a jpg file or hard copy.

Little magazines are asked to limit their entry to a descriptive paragraph plus subscription details; we cannot carry full details of individual issues.

If possessing a website of your own, you may still have an entry under type 2 above as well.

As the purpose of this site is to encourage direct orders to presses, please ensure that you make clear:

  • whom to make cheques out to;
  • where to send them;
  • postage charges if any;
  • and give a rapid contact point (telephone or e-mail) if possible.



For the index page, please supply a summary (about a dozen words!) of your press' scope. As the list increases, new browsers will need help finding their way to the subject matter that suits them...
New publications will be given emphasis in a special file if you let us have details. This is open to little presses whether listed on our site or not. (This does not apply to appeals for advance subscriptions.)