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RED WOLVES OF YEMEN: The Struggle for Independence
Vitaly Naumkin

30 hbk
Professor Fred Halliday, author of Arabia without Sultans, has written that 'no-one is better qualified to address the study of Yemen's fight for independence than Vitaly Naumkin, a Russian specialist long resident in South Yemen and personally acquainted with many of its key actors. His account of South Yemeni politics in the 1960s draws extensively on interviews and Arabic sources, and sets its analysis in its social and regional context.'

Leigh & Woodhouse

9.95 hbk
Football fans love talking, hearing and reading about football. A whole industry, ranging from the sports pages of newspapers and match programmes to radio phone-ins and websites, caters for this need every day of the week. Leigh & Woodhouse's Football Lexicon is the new indispensable dictionary for fans everywhere, enabling them both to understand and participate fully in this football language.

James Russell

5.95 pbk
Every so often a new poetic personality arrives with a distinctive vocabulary, technique, and emotional involvement: welcome to the presence of James Russell.

Jerry Toner

9.95 pbk
Roman history belongs with the mainstream of historical studies, not in the antiquated 'classics' department, isolated from contemporary historical awareness.

Roy Nash

11.95 pbk
Roy Nash's buccaneering life has induced him to acquire several different homes in Andalusia over the last forty years. His story will fascinate anyone who has ever dreamed of living in Spain, and those who have already taken the plunge. By the same author: North from Granada, the hilarious, and sometimes touching, account of a journey on foot from Granada to Madrid.

John Kelly

12.95 hbk
The real "Lads' Army" experiences in Lancashire, Buckinghamshire, and the newly independent Kingdom of Libya under King Idris before the Qaddafi coup. Many monochrome photographs and maps.

JAPLISH: The Joys of Japanese English
Yap Yarn

4.95 pbk
A Japanese plastic box is marked 'The Fresh! FLESH KEEPING BOX' and many other strange legends fill T-shirts, menus, and road-signs throughout Japan. Illustrated. Its companion book, Chinglish, records how the Chinese think we speak English.

SOUTH ARABIA: the 'Palinurus' journal of Jessop Hulton
30 hbk
Newly reset rarity privately printed in 1844, with an introduction by Carl Phillips, including all the original maps and illustrations. Hulton deals not only with Lahej, Mocha, Aden and Socotra, but also describes Mahabaleshwar and other Indian destinations. Hulton died on the voyage, and his journal was edited by his brother W.A. Hulton.

Jean de La Roque

30 hbk
A reprint of the 2nd ed. (1732) of the translated travel classic concerning Yemen, with a treatise on the coffee plant, a translation of Cloupet's Voyage en Arabie Heureuse, and an introduction by Carl Philips.

Jerry Toner

6.95 pbk
The most practical learning tool and revision aid ever devised for those learning Classical Greek at any age. Uniform with Toner's Latin Key Words and Oleander's key words series covering Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish.