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The Paper appears twice a year and features new poetry in English with a special emphasis on the work of writers interested in innovation and experiment. Each issue has a specific theme. Issue 1 (Jan 2001) is on the garden and the pastoral; Issue 2(Sept 2001) is on song and lyric. Contributors include: Alan Halsey, Geraldine Monk, Drew Milne, Peter Riley, Harriet Tarlo, Frances Presley, Kelvin Corcoran and Peter Middleton. Issue 3 (early 2002) will be a substantial perfect bound volume on poetry, performance and site specificity and will feature essays and work by cris cheek, Steve Benson, Geraldine Monk, Redell Olsen and many others.

The Paper is unable to consider unsolicited submissions.

Issues 1 & 2
£2.50 or US$5.00 each OR £4.00 or US$9.00 the two. Prices include postage.
Cheques and money orders payable to 'D G Kennedy'
Donations are invited towards the cost of Issue 3