Protean Publications

c/o 3a Wilsons Road,
West Midlands
United Kingdom

Founded in 1980. Published around 60 titles, including works by Roy Fisher, Les Roadhouse, Adrian de Redman, and the only detective story penned by poet Andrew Young (The Thirteenth Key, 1985), as well as works by Paul Lester.

Please add 80p postage & packing to all orders, except where noted.

[new listing] A Stranger Enters Your Life
by Paul Lester
ISBN-13 978-0-948683-60-2.
£1.75 + £0.80 p&p.
A pamphlet of verse.

Flawed Diamonds
by Paul Lester
ISBN-13 978-0-948683-59-6.
£3.50 + £1.20 p&p.

The Black Bin Bags Bite Back
by Paul Lester
ISBN-13 978-0-948683-58-9.
£1.75 + 80p p&p.

The Chair That's Under Me: an introductory essay on working-class writing, part one
by Paul Lester
ISBN-13 978-0-948683-57-2.
£3.75 + £1.50 p&p.
This is the first part of an extended essay, emphasing the practical problems of the working-class-writer, the day to day difficulties of learning and practising the writing craft while trying to earn a living, with particular attention here also to the experience of being outside of the privileged elitist networking of fee-paying schools and 'Oxbridge' that in the peculiar British context has played such a major role.

Last Things First
by Paul Lester
ISBN-13 978-0-948683-56-5.
£2.50 + p&p.
Booklet of poems.

Tales of a Lifer: the writings of Jim Phelan
by Paul Lester,
ISBN-13 978-0-948683-51-0.
£3.50 + p&p.
Account of the work of a writer who had the rare distinction of having gone on to achieve some fame as a novelist in the 1930s after having being condemned to death for murder.

The Sand-Seller of Kanyakumari
by Paul Lester,
ISBN-13 978-0-948683-54-1.
£1.75 + p&p.
Short story set in the 'Land's End' of India.

Shopping for Your Last Breath
by Paul Lester,
ISBN-13 978-0-948683-55-8.
£1.75 + p&p.
Booklet of poems.

Also, a 16 track CD entitled Walking Through Walls
by Paul Lester,
Combines poetry and music.
£6.50 post free

New CD:

Paul Lester, My Career As A Dead Man
a new 16 track CD of poetry plus music.
£6.50 post free.

Some current publications:-

Dying For A Laugh
by Paul Lester,
ISBN 13 978-0-948683-53-4.
£2.50 + p&p.

Songs for the Sodden
by Paul Lester,
ISBN 978-0-948683-52-7.
pp12, £1.75 + p&p.
Poetry and lyrics.

The Murder of Tommy Ball: An Aston Villa Tragedy by Paul Lester, 1996. ISBN 0948683 2 60
An investigation into the murder of a promising young footballer in 1923 - £3.95p + p&p

Beyond the Means Test: the Writings of Walter Brierley by Paul Lester. ISBN 0948683 43 0
Criticism - £3.50p + p&p

Animals in Need: a Tale of Survivors by Paul Lester .ISBN 0948683 47 3
A novella about two urban "tatters" - £4 + p&p

Going for Broke by Paul Lester. ISBN 0948683 45 7
Collection of poems - £5.75p + p&p

Kathleen Dayus and Working Class Women's Writing by Paul Lester. ISBN 0948683 46 5
Criticism - £3.50p + p&p

A CD "The Legend of Lester" is available from Protean, consisting of work over the last 25 years featuring the reggae influenced Lester and the Festers (1979), jazz and poetry from Lester and the Brew (early 1980s) and more recent experiments of Lester and the Loopster combining poetry and the electronic synthesizer.  £7.50p + p&p