MAGGIE O'SULLIVAN - her/story:eye  (STEM 01)
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1. murmur  (15.38)
2. red shifts  (18.49)
3 - 7. WATERFALLS  (24.32)
  3. pre-text
  4. that bread should be
  5. winter ceremony
  6. own land



Launching the Stem series of innovative poetry CD's, Maggie O'Sullivan's her/story:eye is a defining collection of her work that presents extracts from three major poem sequences: murmur, red shifts and Waterfalls, spanning the years 1994 to 2003. Known for her explorations of the sonic richness of language (an interest seeded during her involvement with Bob Cobbing's Writer's Forum workshops in the early 1980's) made audible by necessary disruptions of conventional syntax and semantic associations, O'Sullivan mines her lexicon for the disappeared voices of herstory, creating radical multi-perspective narratives that draw on her close associations to both Irish history (her family comes from Skibereen, the town worst hit by the ravages of the Irish famine of the mid-C19th and the English colonialism that exacerbated it) and the natural surroundings of her home for the last twenty-five years on the tops of the West Yorkshire dales. No idyllic pastorals or past stories of triumph here, but rather the creative holding close to, dwelling with, breathing with of all that Power has sought to plough under and silence. Poems to hear with.

Cover artwork by the poet.



murmur (worked Feb 1999 - Dec 2003) Veer Books, 2011.

red shifts (worked Aug '97 - Feb '99) etruscan books, 2001, ISBN 1 901 538 25 7

WATERFALLS (worked Feb '94 - Feb '99) Reality Street, 2012

red shifts and WATERFALLS (both works made over the five years from Feb 1994 to Feb 1999 form the overall her/story:eye project).

This is the first complete recording of the project.



Maggie O'Sullivan's website
BEPC Home Page
Featured in the work/book section of How2, Spring 2004, Vol 2, No.2
includes writing/conversation with Dell Olsen;
images from murmur; quicktime movie of reading at Stem launch of CD
Images of murmur
A Review of Palace of Reptiles
Extensive discussion of her work by Lawrence Upton



Maggie O'Sullivan, born 20th July 1951, Lincolnshire to Irish Catholic parents. She has performed her work and published internationally since the late 1970's. Worked for BBC-Television, London, continuously from 1973 to 1988, latterly on arts documentary films. Since then, involved in numerous performance/workshop presentations, courses and residencies. For the last 16 years, has lived on the Pennines outside Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Poet, artist, editor, publisher, she is the author of more than 20 books including eXcLa (1993) a collaboration with the New York poet, Bruce Andrews. Edited the influential Out of Everywhere : linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America and the UK (1996). Most recent publications are WATERFALLS (2012), murmur (2011), ALTO (2009), Body of Work (2006), red shifts (2001), Palace of Reptiles (2003), a reprint of In the House of the Shaman (2003), and "all origins are lonely" (2003). Extracts from murmur have appeared in Poetry Salzburg Review, spring 2004, and online at PORES, An Avant-Gardist Journal of Poetics Research, Issues Two and Three; also in The Gig 16. The Salt Companion to Maggie O'Sullivan was published in 2011.